What to Expect

Before your visit

At Bellevue ENT we treat children, not conditions. we realize that helping your child hear, sleep or breathe may change something on the outside. But we also focus on what happening emotionally for kids and their families.

Dr. Kopelovich and his team have a genuine understanding of children – not only because of specialized training but because we have kids of our own. Whether care is delivered in the clinic, the surgery center, or an emergency room, our mission is to put children and parents at ease.

During our first meeting with you, we’ll talk about what is happening with your child and we’ll listen to your questions and concerns. This is our area of expertise, but this is your child — and we’ll make him/her feel better together. If you or your child has had prior scans, laboratory studies, hearing tests or treatments, please gather these records and bring as much as you can to your initial appointment.

Knowing what to expect helps make the first visit less stressful. You may prepare your child for the visit by letting him or her know that we will be checking ears, nose and throat with small instruments that often use bright light. Sometimes it is helpful and necessary to use a small flexible endoscope to look through the nose and at the back of the throat. While these instruments can look large and scary, we take great care to use a gentle touch and have excellent assistants who will ease the experience for you and your child.

Following up

If your child’s condition requires the expertise of additional health professionals we will orchestrate your access to these specialties. Coordinating multiple services results in better care for children and increased convenience for families.

If we recommend surgery for your child’s ear nose throat, head or neck issue, we will help you with every detail, including scheduling, pre-op guidelines and answers to any questions you have.