My son didn’t pass the newborn hearing test, I was referred to the Seattle’s Children where no one gave me a diagnostic following several visits (5 or 6), tests and seeing different ENT’s. I decided to consult with Dr. Kopelovich who finally gave a clear diagnostic, addressed my concerns about my son’s behavior, speech issues, poor sleeping issue… he took the time to not only look at all the hearing tests results but also observed his behavior and offered a clear explanation at all the issues I was facing. It’s a relief to have a diagnostic and I’m grateful I met him.

I brought my newborn daughter in to fix her tongue tie as she was having a hard time feeding. It was easy to scheduled an appointment. When I went in we discussed the issue of the tongue tie and he felt it would be appropriate to correct it. He did it quickly at the same visit and baby tolerated it well and was able to feed immediately with better results. I would not hesitate to go back.

Dr Kopelovich took the time to carefully listen and clearly had a good understanding of my child within just a few minutes. He came highly recommended and he did not disappoint!

I had a difficult weekend due to all the pain from my ear infection, even at the appointment I was quietly emotional but Jonathan took time to let me tell him all my symptoms and was so attentive. I’ve never had my hearing blocked and he spoke loud enough for me to hear which made me feel at ease after having to tell people frequently that I can’t hear. He added a wick to my ears and it was painless. Everything I could have wanted from a doctor visit.

Dr. Kopelovich has been a great doctor for our daughter. Her life has been so much better since ear tubes and allergy control measures. He also let us know about potentially taking advantage of allergy drops in the future.

[The] Best doctor! knowledgeable, caring, listening, explaining, helping. This is a doctor I trust. I am so thankful to Dr. Kopelovich for the exceptional care he provides!

He removed our child’s tonsils. Explained everything for the surgery, answered all my questions. Dr. K is very responsible – two times after the surgery he checked [on] our daughter! Thank you!!!!

Dr Kopelovich is amazing at what he does:  a 360 switch from last.  My daughter wasn’t afraid and got up to walk back to the OR with the nurse because of how friendly her anesthesia doctor and nurses were! Thank you so much! you all changed our lives.

Dr. K is the absolute best.

Excellent pediatric ear doctor. Absolute trust in this provider and he is so caring. Great experience with my daughter. Would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.

The service I receive from Dr. Kopelovich is always excellent! He is very knowledgeable and definitely is one of the doctors who actually cares about his patients. He takes the time ( however long it may take) to explain the medical diagnosis, address various concerns, and ensure the patient gets the best care possible! His medical assistant and reception staff are very friendly and provide impeccable service. I am glad that I found Dr. Kopelovich three years ago for my ongoing ENT issues!

Dr. K is one of the most knowledgeable, thorough, and evidence-based driven doctors I have visited. My 1.5 yo visited him after receiving a sketchy SLP feeding evaluation (tip – always go to a medical doctor before taking advice from an SLP or dentist who is adamant that tongue ties are the cause of all problems under the sun!). He was honest, and while not completely dismissive of the eval from the other provider, provided evidence on current practices, helping me to distinguish and understand what has been proven through research and peer-reviewed studies versus what still remains an ongoing theory. I was able to avoid an unnecessary procedure that would have put my 1.5 yo under general anesthesia because Dr. K did a thorough evaluation and parent interview in order to determine if pathologies were present (which they were not). Thank you Dr. K for everything! I will certainly recommend you to all of my patients and community members seeking a competent pediatric ENT.

Dr. Kopelovich was very respectful and explained [to] us the surgery option. He also explained the complications that may arise and the recovery process.

Dr Kopelovich is great and we would recommend him for his experience and care he gave our son before and after surgery...Dr. Kopelovich’s medical assistant Elena is great and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

Dr Kopelovich was awesome! We were in for a second opinion about our daughter’s need for a tonsillectomy and he not only verified the initial diagnoses he provided me with better information that our first doctor! He was very informed regarding his field with up to date info and honest candor! I definitely appreciated that aspect of our visit!

Dr. K is wonderful.  He was very thorough with my son.

Caring, trusted ENT. Dr. Kopelovich is an exceptional doctor. He operated on my 6 month old daughter and took care of the issue. We are totally grateful for his expertise and skills. You will not fine a better doctor.

Life saver! I have a micro Preemie, he was the one that diagnosed all she’s been going through during our first visit and all following studies confirmed his diagnosis. Now she has a surgery with him, I’m not worried about her!