Naso-alveolar Molding

Naso-alveolar molding, or NAM, is a treatment option for children born with cleft lip. At the Puget Sound Cleft Clinic, orthodontic dentists with specialized training offer NAM therapy for children with cleft. NAM treatment begins as early as the first week of life and continues until three to six months of age. The goal of NAM treatment is to reduce the severity of the cleft prior to lip surgery which results in a smaller scar and an overall better result.

To begin NAM treatment, molds of the infant’s nose and mouth are taken and then used to make a custom appliance. This device is adjusted as the infant grows. Parents are taught how to maintain their child’s appliance at home.

Infants should be comfortable eating and sleeping with the NAM appliance. Puget Sound Cleft Clinic is proud to have orthodontist Soleil Roberts on our team to provide NAM treatment and help children at every stage of cleft repair.