The Eastside Pediatric Communication Clinic, hosted by Bellevue Ear Nose and Throat, offers a wide array of clinical services for children and families. We are a comprehensive program committed to helping children reach their full potential by delivering integrated family-centered clinical care. Our team includes audiology, speech-language pathology, pediatric nursing and otolaryngology.

Contact us to find out if your child would benefit from a communications clinic evaluation.

We can help with:

Ear Malformation

Babies are often born with unexpected ear deformity or asymmetry. These changes may be subtle or obvious. There are a range of solutions depending on the nature and severity of the problem. Ear molding is a non-invasive technique that can be quite effective in the first few weeks to months of life. Call to schedule a consult with Dr. Kopelovich.

Acute & Chronic Ear Infection

Ear infections in young children are very common but some children go on to develop worse problems. We offer the full gamut of medical, surgical and rehabilitation options in order to optimize the health of your child’s ears and hearing.

Hearing Loss & Deafness

One to three of every 1000 children is born with some degree of hearing loss. Early diagnosis is critical. Our clinic coordinates care to identify and appropriately treat children with all types of hearing loss. We offer the full gamut of treatments, including cochlear implants.

Velopharyngeal Insufficiency

Children with difficulty closing the palate against the back of the throat may experience escape of air or fluid through the nose. This problem may hamper speech articulation, leading to frustration and fatigue. We offer expertise and compassion for this condition and can help your child with the full range of treatments.

Voice Problems

Voice problems can affect a child’s ability to communicate comfortably in school, and with family and friends. We offer a coordinated visit to evaluate both functional and anatomic aspects of complex voice problems in children and adolescents.

Speech Delay & Impediments

Children with speech misarticulations and delays have difficulty producing sounds, words or phrases clearly and fluently. These problems can be due to developmental delays, hearing loss or a structural difference such as cleft lip/palate. We offer a combined evaluation between audiology, ENT and speech therapy to pinpoint the problem and help treat it appropriately.